50 Ways to Make Your Writing Sound Smart. Part 3

Revise Your Diction:
Experiment with improving your style more of these interesting words to your
own writing.
Special Words.
27. Neat People Words (black-smocked smiths, smattered with smoke).
28. Neat Things (the ethereal medium of joy).
29. Neat States of Being (apparently with no surprise).
30. Neat Places (unrippled lakes).
31. Neat Verbs (warbled).
32. Neat Adjectives (whimsical bubbles of air).
Figurative Language
33. Puns (“Time wounds all heels.”)
34. Neat quotes (“Happiness is a shallow emotion for people who lack brains.”).
35. Oxymoron – a juxtaposition of opposites (mysterious clarity, dazzling uncertainty, jumbo shrimp).
36. Develop a neat title (“Still Waiting for a Dull Moment”).
37. Metaphors (The asphalt was a hot, blackish river.).
38. Alliteration (wounded, wasted, wronged)
39. Rhymes (“As a rule, man’s a fool”).
40. Personification (“Across the sky the daylight crept.”).
41. Litotes (After we knew they were dead, we sat down in a circle and cried a little.”).
42. Hyperbole (I absolutely died when he saw me)
Selection of Detail
43. Sounds (the unnatural barking of a dog).
44. Sights (an avalanche of lumber).
45. Smells (the odor of metal lingers in your nose all day).
46. Tastes
47. Touches
Last minutes thoughts
48. Erase “every word of idiom that has outworn its usefulness.” Orwell
49. Begin with something provocative.
50. “Break any of these rules rather than say anything outright barbarous.” Orwell

That is all, folks. I hope you liked this series, make sure you cover Part 1 and Part 2.