50 Ways to Make Your Writing Sound Smart. Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Revise Your Paper! series. Before reading this part, make sure you have read the first one!

Sentence Structure Variety
17. Cumulative Sentence –an independent clause following by a number of descriptive phrases.
18. Periodic Sentence –a number of descriptive phrases ending with the main clause.
19. Strung-along Sentence –one in which the emendations are added in the middle,
separating the subject from the verb of the main clause.
20. Short and Simple Sentence –two or three short sentences strung together with
21. Concise Sentence –Every word counts. This should guide all writing, but this sentence
is especially powerful because of its shortness and its omissions.
22. Inverted Sentence –the normal Subject-Verb order is reversed. (I ought, before this, to have replied.”)
Grammar Usage
23. Always used active verbs. Avoid the passive voice.
24. Recast as many “to be” verbs as possible (is, are, was, were).
25. Smash Those Clichés. Take all those worn out phrases from you first and second drafts
and give them life by making them your own.
26. Discovery Sentences. End each paragraph with a “so what” statement that makes an original and personal interpretation of the evidence.